Why the “Unnecessary” was Necessary – UPDATED

“It’s redundant.  It’s unnecessary.”  That was the essence of statements made by opponents to the Health and Human Services regulation proposed in August, 2008, and passed in December 2008 that required institutions that received federal funding that they complied with laws that protect health care providers if they objected to assisting with a procedure that violated their religious or moral convictions. (also here)  

Turns out that regulation was necessary after all.  A Catholic nurse was forced to assist in an abortion despite the hospital knowing of her objection on religious and moral grounds.  (h/t to Lee)

While a search found lots of posts objecting to rescinding that regulation, I couldn’t find where it was actually rescinded, but you can bet the hospital would have acted differently if federal funding was at stake.

Besides the obvious regulation/legislation, what lessons are to be drawn from this?  In the few sites I’ve looked at, there’s been a sprinkling of “she should’ve refused” comments.  Ideally, yes. (My guess is that this won’t happen again to this nurse.)  But armchair opinions are not always the same when one is in the actual situation.  How many people have a specific backup plan when faced with the loss of one’s job for something you were told would not happen?  Do you?

With “common ground in name only” Obama pushing the culture of death full tilt, it’s important that

a) health care providers who value the culture of life to seriously look at their situations and specific responses/actions (response or plan of action to do if expected to assist) and

b) those who value life do what they can (prayer, fasting, secular action) to provide support for those on the front lines (health care providers, those staffing crisis pregnancy centers, post-abortion counselors, and whoever else I’ve omitted).  Many already do so; this is simply a cause for renewed effort.

Anyone in the Rochester diocese affected by abortion can call Project Rachel at the toll-free regional number:

1-888-9Rachel aka 1-888-972-2435.  

This is  Rochester website; the national website is here.

UPDATE:  I wrote first wrote this based on the information in general news releases.  At that time I was unaware of the extent the nurse went to suggest other coverage and extricate herself from assisting at that abortion.  Since then, I’ve discoverd the Alliance Defense Fund’s verified complaint.  It’s well worth the read.


2 Responses to Why the “Unnecessary” was Necessary – UPDATED

  1. Dr. K says:

    Let’s say gay marriage one day becomes widespread. Would Catholic adoption agencies then be required to allow homosexual couples to adopt from them?

    ~Dr. K

  2. Dr. K, um, that’s already an issue in that some Catholic adoption agencies ended up having to cease their long-standing adoption services. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll look up specifics. Or maybe I missed what you meant.

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