Fr. Corapi’s Third Talk

Fr. Corapi’s DVD of the conference in Buffalo is here

If my posts on the first two talks were barebones skeleton, this and the next post will be basically raw notes.  My back was not at all happy with all that sitting in one day, so I took less notes and of the notes I took, my handwriting had deteriorated from its usual scrawl.

Talk Three:  The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey.

Fr. Corapi started with the creation accounts in Genesis (Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve) and the Fall of Man in chapter 3.   Eve’s disobedience brought death’ (unreadable) of sin is pride.  Pride as hubris, egotistical, self-centered, that exalts the created above God.  The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey. The antidote is humility, obedience, life.

Theology is the highest of all sciences.

Bishop Fulton Sheen story of when he was a new priest in London, teaching theology to deacons.  After he gave an explanation in class, a deacon came up to him and said it was brilliant.  Bishop Sheen asked, “What did I say?”  The deacon said he didn’t know.  Bishop Sheen said, “Neither do I.”

“Humility, obedience, life” is a descrption of Jesus Christ.  In the book of Revelation, second death = hell.  (For the remainder of the day, Fr. Corapi repeated “humility, obedience, life” for emphasis.)

“Pride, disobedience, death” is a summation of redemption theology.

Even if you disagree with authority, (treat with respect).  Recognized distress with (disobedience in) Church today.  Don’t use that as an excuse to lose it.

Pride is essentially a lie.  Pride is the quintessential lie.
Humility is knowledge of the truth.  It’s not “I’m no good.”

Fr. Corapi told of a time when he was distressed by disobedience in the Church and a Benedictine prior said, “You’re upset and distressed about a lot of things.  No one can take your faith from you. Don’t be insecure.  God is in charge.

St. Padre Pio”  Pray and don’t worry.  God is in charge. 

A military commander knows that low morale is the kiss (of death.   There is low morale among the priesthood.  (unreadable.)  Instead of antagonizing him, why don’t you suffer for him, pray in reparation.

Fr. Corapi said he has a gift for philosophy and theology and that it’s a two-edged sword.  Knowledge without commensurate virtue is a train wreck waiting to happen. 

(unreadable section)

Crisis of hemeunetics.  Can’t take scripture out of context.  Read Scripture in context of sacred Tradition. 

 Divine revelation through Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium.

Obedience has three elements.

Submission to authority of God requires everyone to obey divine law.

Positive moral obligation to (unreadable).  All authorityis from God.  Authority of parents, civil authorities.  Catechism 2216 which begins with “Filial respect is shown by true docility and obedience.”  (unreadable)

1. You should be obedient in little things.
2. Obedience of faith.  Listen and freely submit to the Word of God.  … Catechesis is to echo back faithfully what we have heard.
3. Obedience of Christ to the will of the Father.
4. Vow of obedience for religious.  Married people vows of obedience but (unreadable) but mutually submissive.

St. John the Apostle at Ephesus saw a heretic and said, “Run for your lives!   X the heretic is here.”   Notre Dame and Georgetown.  Pride, disobedience, death.  We have a moral obligation to give assent to faith.

Fr. Corapi spoke about Rome during the week of Pope John Paul II’s funeral – the unbelievable peace and no crime during that week.  God forced the world to pay tribute to Pope John Paul II.

Fr. Corapi’s thesis was (if my notes are correct) the doctrinal theology of suffering.  The essence of the mystery of suffering.  The Holy Spirit that (unreadable) as fire allows us to (unreadable) offer for the Church.   We are called to embrace the Cross.  No pain, no gain.  (unreadable)  Humility allows you to obey.  Give the assent of faith.

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