Fr. Corapi’s Fourth Talk – and Benediction

2 Timothy 1:7: “The Spirit we have been given is no cowardly (timid) Spirit, but rather a Spirit of power, love, and self control.

At the moment of your Baptism, you received the Holy Spirit. 

The  remedy for all the ills of the world is the Holy Spirit.

A sculptor of marble makes something beautiful out of cold, hard marble.

The Holy Spirit, Mary, the Incarnation (unreadable).  The blessed in heaven are confirmed in grace.  Their free will is totally liberated, totally absorbed in God.  The saints knew: Go to your Mother.  She will lead you to Jesus.

(Leading into a comment on humility) John F. Kennedy quote: 
I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House – with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.

Political correctness is a curse.  Fr. Corapi, who grew up in a part of upstate NY where hunting is part of life, said that in a talk and someone sympathetic to PETA said something to him.  Fr. Corapi said he agreed with PETA: people eating tasty animals.    On women: Before the Catholic Church, women were treated like chattel, property.  Men and women are created equal, but not the same.
Fr. Corapi told about being invited to talk in a West Coast diocese and the bishop wouldn’t let him.  His supporters wanted him to speak in a neighboring diocese, but that bishop also wouldn’t allow him, claiming  that Fr. Corapi was a divisive influence.   In the meantime, audience increased and in the third diocese, Fr. Corapi was allowed to give talks.  The title of his first talk was “So you think I’ve come to bring peace.”  Prince of Peace, division, “I’ve come to bring a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)
Colin Powell on leadership:  “You can’t be a leader if you’re afraid to make some people angry.  … If you are soft, you are unfit to lead.”
Liberalism taking over (unreadable).  Individuals should want to strive for excellence. Some social programs are necessary.
Man’s dignity is stripped from him unless he is able to work and provide for his family.  When life gets too easy, decadence sets in.  Work hard, strive.  Making it easy not to work, strips one’s dignity.  Help the disadvantaged.  Think straight.  Be soft-hearted, not soft-headed.
Section on priests: (unreadable except for) pray and offer reparation for them.
Pope John Paul II given a feeding tube as Terri Schiavo was being starved to death. Starvation is the  cruelest death.
Fr. Corapi plugged a friend’s book, but I didn’t quite catch the author’s name.  Leadership of Jesus by Mike C— was all I caught.  Fr. Corapi said the Church has no formal leadership program.  Fr. Corapi listed aspects of leadershp as given in his friend’s book, including  lead by example, excellence, attitude, discipline, empower, respect, sacrifice, humility, initiative and plan.
The Gideons had a small army and defeated a much larger force.
Be open to the Holy Spirit.  Be in a state of grace. Study your faith.  Read your Bible.
 The day fittingly ended with Benediction, which I’ll leave to others to describe as by that time, I was fairly uncomfortable.  New Advent has an informative article on Benediction.

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