Mind-Boggling Monstrance Cluelessness

My first post on this disappeared, so this one will be short and to the point.  (Then the second one ended up in the tab area, so hopefully this third time will work.)

Friday night, during the Healing Mass offered by Fr. McAlear, the recessional song was “City of God,” a contemporary one which I usually like to sing.  However, the congregation was expected to sing it while the Real Presence in monstrance was processed in.  That certainly is not the time for a quick tempo song about people being active.  The reverent response is silent prayer.

Today, I read on Cleansing Fire that a pastoral administrator put an unconsecrated hose into a monstrance for Benediction.  Incredible that any Catholic, much less someone in a leadership position, would be that oblivious.  That a priest was available and not allowed to prepare for Benediction is also a reflection on the distortions of the Catholic faith in this diocese.

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