Bob Hope nails it – Updated

The jaw-dropping news yesterday that Obama had won – and I find it difficult to both in the same sentence – the Nobel Peace Prize must’ve had people wondering if they were reading a news source or The Onion. 

Humor turned out to save the day.  All day, I heard headlines and snippets that had me chuckling.   It continues today such as today’s Augusta Chronicle is this cartoon.  … h/t

I would have loved to have gathered all the funnies but didn’t.  Fortunately a Free Republic poster did do a round-up on his blog.  Some of the ones I particularly like:

  • Obama Destroys Deathstar. Saves Endor
  • BREAKING! Obama catches Roadrunner!!!
  • BREAKING! IOC reconvenes and hands 2016 games to Chicago — new name is “BOlympics”
  • World Series Cancelled – Baseball Commissioner awards Series to Obama due to his “intention to win”
  • Barack Obama Wins $10 Million Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!
  • Obama Replaces Lennon and Harrison, Reunites the Beatles!
  • Obama Finds Nobel Prize in Cracker Jack Box
  • Breaking News: Obama finds Waldo
  • BREAKING: Pillsbury Bake-Off prize goes to Obama!
  • Obama Breaks the Speed of Light (Einstein Rolls over in Grave)
  • Breaking! Bill Ayers wins Nobel Literature prize for “Dreams From my Father”!
  • USGS to create new center of the Universe medallion
  • Breaking- Obama wears white after Labor Day
  • Update:  The list keeps growing….  (vast right wing conspiracy has the updated list)

    The best headline and article is Mark Steyn’s Nobel tops ‘SNL’ for Obama joke.  The headline reminded me of the  poor late night hosts who said they couldn’t find anything funny about Obama.

    Perhaps the funny bones of the late night hosts had a case of hypothermia induced by the Prez and those around him.  In response to yesterday’s humor,  CNN reports that “A Democratic National Committee spokesman said Friday the GOP has “thrown in its lot with the terrorists” in criticizing the president’s Nobel Peace Prize award.”   Gee, who’d a thunk that humor about a sitting president was on par with terrorism?  I don’t recall that being the case when Bush was in office. 

    Nor did it occur to me that Bob Hope had “thrown (his) lot in with the terrorists.” Hope probably would have considered yesterday a gold mine. Having ribbed presidents for decades, he once said that only the great presidents knew how to poke fun at themselves. His observation still stands.


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