Good News and Bad News

Good news is that Fr. Damien is now St. Damien (I’ve seen it spelled both Damian and Damien), one of the five saints canonized today by Pope Benedict XVI.  Earlier this month, the pope awarded the papal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal to Mother Angelica and Deacon Steltemeier of EWTN , honoring and validating their work for the Church.  In Rochester, at least one more baby will live, thanks to local pro-lifers, as reported by Lee Strong. 

Bad news is that a 78 year old Irish priest, Fr.  Michael Sinnott, was kidnapped at gunpoint by Islamic militants in the southern Philippines, in yet another act against Christians that will probably get the sound of crickets.  

Prayers for Fr. Sinnott, all those affected by anti-Christian violence, the 40 Days for Life campaign, all those affected by abortion.

As always, women and men in the diocese of Rochester affected by abortion can call Project Rachel at 1-888- 972-2435.


2 Responses to Good News and Bad News

  1. inthechoirloft says:

    Father Damien’s congregation had a Rochester connection. His congregation, The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, used to staff Our Lady of Victory and then moved out of there in 1967 to staff Saints Peter and Paul’s on West Main Street. They pulled out of SSPP in the early 90s, I believe, but not positive.

  2. Choir Loft, thanks as always for your encyclopedic knowledge of diocesan history.

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