Catching up on the news

Great news: Fr. Michael Sinnott was freed by his kidnappers – thanks be to God!  Three Moro Islamic Liberation Front members have been charged with his kidnapping. 

Sad news: Fr. Sysoyev, a Russian Orthodox priest, was murdered in his church in Moscow. Fr. Sysoyev was well-known for his work with Muslims for which he had received death threats.

Worrisome news: the hearing for Rifqa Bary, who converted from to Christianity from Islam, has apparently been postponed until Dec. 22.  What is worrisome is the secrecy and that she is basically under house arrest. More at AtlasShrugs.

Good news from the Catholic Bishops’ conference: the bishops approved the English translation of the Roman Missal and  overwhelmingly voted against Bishop Trautman’s attempt at further delay.

Sweet news: during a break at the bishops’ conference, Cardinal Regali gave final closure to the World Series by presenting a case of Tastykakes to Archbishop Dolan. The Tastykakes were undoubtedly fresher than this news round-up.


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