“Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.”

Hurry up and wait.

I think of that saying when I’ve rushed to gather things for a deadline and then have to wait days, weeks, perhaps months for a response.

There are many instances of waiting:

Shorter waits:
-at the traffic light when you have to be someplace at a certain time.
-at the express checkout line when the person ahead of you says, “I’ve got the change” and digs
       through a coin purse to pay $7.93 in pennies and nickels.
-at any store on both the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.

Larger waits:
-the ninth month of a pregnancy.
-college applications.
-results of medical tests.
-response from a job interview.
-resolution of a particularly knotty problem.

In times such as those, perhaps it would help to think of this reflection titled Mary’s Waiting, found on the Madonna House website.

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