Yesterday I posted a reflection by a Madonna House staff member about Mary and waiting. Tonight, in my surf around the blogs, I discovered that Dr. K of Cleansing Fire posted about an online petition by those opposed to the most recent translation of the Missal. As a delaying tactic to implementation, the tactic advocated by the petition is waiting.

In the interest of clarification and the avoidance of any possible confusion, the emphasis on yesterdays’ post was more on the imitation of Mary than waiting.

12/18 Expanded thought:

Given the dynamics of this diocese, the common tendency to lump together events that occur at the same time, and even if it seems to be stating the obvious, it probably is a good idea to avoid any possible confusion.  That was the reason for yesterday’s clarification, which eventually became a good thing because it prompted me to dig deeper into the occurrence of waiting in Scripture.

                Waiting does indeed have much mention in the Bible. There are at least a dozen mentions in the book of Psalms along the line of “How long, O Lord?”  Waiting does not mean doing nothing.  On the other hand, the story of Abraham’s waiting for a son is a good example of why it’s better to wait for God’s timing rather than taking matters into one’s own hands.   As Marie Javora notes, Mary had several times of waiting: pregnancy, returning to Israel after flight to Egypt, waiting at the foot of the Cross.  It does indeed make sense to say, “Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.”


2 Responses to *sigh*

  1. Dr. K says:

    Good clarification. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Dr. K. Sometime today, I’m hoping to do an expanded comment.

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