Bear Hug

January 31, 2010

The dogs’ owner was sure he was about to lose his sled dogs, but these photos give a whole new meaning to the phrase “bear hug.”


Ralph McInerny, Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord

January 29, 2010

Ralph McInerny, prolific Catholic writer,  died this morning. I read his Father Dowling mysteries while in high school and at the time was unaware of all his other fine writing.  His writings have been on my “to read” list for quite a while now and can be found at his Notre Dame CV , which lists his books, articles, recordings, and lectures.   First Things has an initial remembrance, with the promise of further ones.

Swiping from the Anchoress

January 24, 2010

Catching up after a couple of days of minimal computer time, all it took was skimming through the Anchoress’ Saturday roundups (here and here) to find great reading. The Anchoress does the best roundups of anyone I’ve read. Today, I’m unabashedly swiping a few to note (links to original articles):

My favorite story is about Grant Desme, Oakland A’s farm team player on his way to MLB, who decided to quit baseball in order to become a priest. The original story on Fox Sports and the blog linked to by Anchoress.  Both sites have comments from both people who understand why this is a great story and those who don’t.  Some of the comments say that Desme “could do more for his church” with the money he’d get from staying in baseball.  What they don’t understand is that Desme will do far greater good hearing confessions and saying Mass than if he had all the money in the world.

The Anchoress has updates on the March for Life,  including a first-timer’s blog, and Haiti, including two joy-filled rescues, noted on the Flopping Aces blog.

Third – but not least – in the section about the pope encouraging priests to blog, Anchoress linked a webpage of the Pope Benedict XVI. It absolutely tickles me, not only because of the pope using today’s technology, but the recurrent reminder of how God works in unexpected ways. Only a few short years ago, then Cardinal Ratzinger was looking forward to a quiet life of writing. I’ll bet he never imagined have a webpage, Facebook, and/or YouTube!

March for Life 2010

January 21, 2010

EWTN’s televised coverage on Friday includes Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at 7:30 am and the March for Life starting 11 am. 

The March for Life website says that the keynote speaker for Friday’s Rose Dinner will be Professor Robert George, co-author of the Manhattan Declaration.

The Walk for Life West Coast will be covered on Saturday starting at 1pm EST.

Gee, I wonder if the MSM will get the numbers right this year?

The Connections Between Haiti and Massachusetts

January 21, 2010

Hugh Hewitt at Townhall has a terrific piece on how the US response to Haiti exemplifies the basic generosity, excellence, and basic goodness of Americans and how Senator Brown’s election is connected.   After hearing so much negative, it’s very refreshing to read.

The surge of American troops, supplies and relief heading towards and now arriving in Haiti have an origin in the American character and a source in the American economy…And all of it is flowing out of a generous national spirit that reflects the country’s deeply compassionate religious roots, which while primarily Christian are also fed by other religious traditions that emphasize selfless service in the same manner that the teachings of Christ do….The vast majority of us –Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike– want to keep it that way. We have different views on how to accomplish that end, but the result in Massachusetts seems a clear message to D.C.:

Local Buses to March for Life

January 19, 2010

Haiti, health care versions, heated Senate races all claim attention this week.  It’s also the week of the annual March for Life in Washington, DC on Friday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Information about the local buses from the Rochester Prolife events page:

Thursday, January 21.  Bus  for teenagers leaving from Rochester from Holy Apostles church about 2:30 PM of the March for Life. Teens will attend the March and will, among other activities, visit the Holocaust Museum and see the Monuments by night. For more information, or to sponsor a student call the Pro Life Planning Committee (Rev. Anthony Mugavero, Amy and Bob Dorscheid, Betsy MacKinnon, and Karen Webb) at Holy Apostles church. Bus returns on the 23d about midnight.  For information call the Dorscheids at 729-8585 or 732-8994.

Friday, January 22  Silent Holy Hour at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Flower City Park to remember in sorrow the losses due to Roe v. Wade.  For those who cannot be in Washington for the March for Life.  7:00 PM.  Handy parking in back of the Cathedral.

Friday, January 22.  March for Life in Washington DC.

In the evening of Thursday, January 21 buses will be leaving from various locations.

Church of the Holy Spirit in Webster, NY will have a bus going to the 2010 March for Life in Washington, DC . They will leave Thurs. evening, Jan.21st, and return late on Friday, Jan. 22nd. Cost is still being determined. Contact person: Cara McLaughlin- 585-872-0772.

St. Christophers in North Chili.  Details are still being finalized.  Call Joan Reilly at 1-315-690-6455 or e-mail her at

St. Thomas the Apostle in Irondequoit  will have a bus leaving at 10 pm the 21st from the St. Thomas the Apostle parking lot.  The cost will be $50 for adults and $25 for youth (all youth must be accompanied by an adult).  The ticket prices don’t cover the cost of the bus so donations are always welcome.  For information or reservations call Mary Jo at 342-3216.

St. John of Rochester in Fairport.  Prayer service at 9:30 PM in the chapel.  Bus leaves at 10 PM going to Basilica for morning Mass.  Call Debbie Demarco 248-2647 for information or reservations.

Canadaigua bus leaves at 10 PM Thursday night from the St. Mary’s parking lot.  Makes one stop in Cohocton, then goes straight to DC.  Tickets $50 for adults, $25 for students.  Call Fran Flugel at 924-7051 to make a reservation.

Haiti Updates Jan. 18

January 18, 2010

Food for the Poor director rescued (okay, so I’m two days behind on that one).  Caritas and Catholic Relief Services show that at least some aid is getting through to Haiti.  All three have links to updates.

Anchoress’ update has comments from several children in Haiti.  Relief has not made its way to them yet. Still much prayer needed in this critical time.

Someone I know from online has adopted children from Haiti. They’re (maybe Evangelical?) and “have personal ties with” Three Angels orphanage (all kids now on US soil!), Heartline Ministries, and Bosko. They also have updates. Please keep them also in prayer.

So much prayer needed to counter the fear and violence, that rescue efforts are facilitated, that aid and relief gets to the people.