Mary, Mother of God

Today is the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  At my territorial parish, the homily was on Mary, a pleasant surprise and great improvement over previous years.One aspect that it didn’t touch on though was that of Mary, Mother of God.  Maybe bit of history.  A brief explanation from Catholic Answers is: “Mary thus carried and gave birth to the person of Jesus Christ, and the person she gave birth to was God. ”

A bit of history about the title given to Mary as “Mother of God” is in EWTN’s library, a 1996 piece by Pope John Paul II titled Church Proclaims Mary Mother of God. It also explains Theotokos, used by the Eastern rites. 

Thirdly, the books.

     Steven Collison wrote the chapter “In Defense of the  ‘Theotokos'” in The Catholic Answer Book of Mary,  a collection of essays edited by Fr. Peter Stravinskas.

    If you wish further reading that will deepenyour faith and further your knowledge of Mary, Mother of God in the Church, you couldn’t do better than Archbishop Raya’s book, Theotokos, or more completely: Theotokos: Mary Mother of Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Archbishop Raya was – well, words are inadequate to describe Archbishop Raya, whose words and very presence always brought people to Jesus and Mary.



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