Epiphany part 2

Today is the real date of Ephiphany, which in the US is transferred to Sunday, so I’m taking the opportunity for a second post on Epiphany. 

Before this year, the one day celebration of Epiphany whizzed by before I’d caught my breath from Christmas. This year, I pulled out my grandmother’s 9 inch high Magi figurine on Sunday and have had it in sight since then.  I’ve also noticed that while the Three Wise Men are one day, it was mentioned during an EWTN homily that this week the weekday Gospels are of manifestations (which is what the word Epiphany means) of Jesus.

Restoration, the Madonna House newsletter (and also online), has an excerpt of a homily at World Youth Day 2005 on “The Second Journey of the Magi.”

While searching for the original, I came across Pope John Paul II’s wonderful message to youth in August, 2004, regarding the upcoming WYD whose theme was to be, “We have come to worship him” (Mt 2:2).  It’s a wonderful reflection on applying the journey of the Magi to our daily life.

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