Fr. Stravinskas Responds on the Missal Translation

America has Fr. Stravinkas’ response (and ensuing comments) to Fr. Ryan’s earlier article against implementing the translation of the Roman Missal approved by the bishops’ conference last fall. (h/t Rich Leonardi) 

Fr. Stravinskas’ writings are in the group that I read without having to filter for possible heterodoxy, snarkiness, or blinded agenda-driven bias. Anything I’ve read of his writing has been solid in Catholic teaching and easily readable.

Brief thoughts after a quick reading:

Fr. Stravinkas offers a very articulate defense of the approved translation. He briefly addresses an historical overiew, the “literal versus dynamic” debate, and defense of specific words and phrases.

One point of disagreement is that his phrase of turning back the clock doesn’t work – not in his example of dropping 50 pounds nor in context of Fr. Stravinkas’ response to critics of the new translation.

The third thought is not Fr. Stravinskas’ article in itself, but a general one on the war over the Liturgy and the dynamics that play out across all media, including comboxes.  There’s so much potential for jeopardizing one’s soul in the pursuit of good intentions. I will probably do an update to expand on any or all of the above.


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