The Connections Between Haiti and Massachusetts

Hugh Hewitt at Townhall has a terrific piece on how the US response to Haiti exemplifies the basic generosity, excellence, and basic goodness of Americans and how Senator Brown’s election is connected.   After hearing so much negative, it’s very refreshing to read.

The surge of American troops, supplies and relief heading towards and now arriving in Haiti have an origin in the American character and a source in the American economy…And all of it is flowing out of a generous national spirit that reflects the country’s deeply compassionate religious roots, which while primarily Christian are also fed by other religious traditions that emphasize selfless service in the same manner that the teachings of Christ do….The vast majority of us –Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike– want to keep it that way. We have different views on how to accomplish that end, but the result in Massachusetts seems a clear message to D.C.:

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