Swiping from the Anchoress

Catching up after a couple of days of minimal computer time, all it took was skimming through the Anchoress’ Saturday roundups (here and here) to find great reading. The Anchoress does the best roundups of anyone I’ve read. Today, I’m unabashedly swiping a few to note (links to original articles):

My favorite story is about Grant Desme, Oakland A’s farm team player on his way to MLB, who decided to quit baseball in order to become a priest. The original story on Fox Sports and the blog linked to by Anchoress.  Both sites have comments from both people who understand why this is a great story and those who don’t.  Some of the comments say that Desme “could do more for his church” with the money he’d get from staying in baseball.  What they don’t understand is that Desme will do far greater good hearing confessions and saying Mass than if he had all the money in the world.

The Anchoress has updates on the March for Life,  including a first-timer’s blog, and Haiti, including two joy-filled rescues, noted on the Flopping Aces blog.

Third – but not least – in the section about the pope encouraging priests to blog, Anchoress linked a webpage of the Pope Benedict XVI. It absolutely tickles me, not only because of the pope using today’s technology, but the recurrent reminder of how God works in unexpected ways. Only a few short years ago, then Cardinal Ratzinger was looking forward to a quiet life of writing. I’ll bet he never imagined have a webpage, Facebook, and/or YouTube!


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