Superbowl Sunday Perspective

James Penrice at Catholic Online has a short piece about both teams having Catholic chaplains.

Longer pieces are at Catholic News Agency on the Colts and Saints.

One team will win and one team will lose tomorrow’s game.  That’s how life goes and sports offers much as analogy to both everyday life and the spiritual life.  It’s a cliche to say the players with a sound spiritual life are winners no matter how the game goes, but statements become cliches mostly because they’re true. At any rate, I was glad to hear the players take their faith as seriously as game plans.

Although the game will be played seriously, the archbishops of the two cities are having fun with a friendly wager. It the Colts wind, gumbo will be sent to  Indianapolis; if the Saints win, pork chops will be on their way to New Orleans.

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