A Knife in the Dark

I made an exception to my practice of not pasting others’ work, but this was too good to pass up and I wasn’t sure if the link would go to this specific piece.  From grey_whiskers at Free Republic.

A Knife in the Dark, or, The Assault of the Nancgûl
grey_whiskers ^ | 3-19-2010 | grey_whiskers

Posted on Friday, March 19, 2010 1:07:07 AM by grey_whiskers

The night deepened. There came the soft sound of Donkeys led with stealth along the lane. Outside the gate they stopped, and three black figures entered, like shades of night creeping across the ground. One went to the White House, two to the Capitol Building on either side; and there they stood, as still as the shadows of stones, while Amendments went slowly on. The House and the Senate seemed to be waiting breathlessly.

There was a faint stir in the leaves, and a RINO cried far away. The cold hour before Reconciliation was passing. The figure by the door moved. In the dark without moon or stars a drawn Slaughter-blade gleamed, as if a chill light had been unsheathed. There was a blow, soft but heavy, and the Bill of Rights shuddered.

‘Open, in the name of Barack!’ said a voice thin and menacing.

At a second blow the Congress yielded and fell back, with Amendments burst and Trust broken. The black figures passed swiftly in.

At that moment, among the homes nearby, a radio rang out. It rent the night like fire on a hill-top.


Glenn Beck had not been idle. As soon as he saw the dark shapes creep from the garden, he knew that he must run for it, or perish. And run he did, out of the back door, through the garden, and over the fields. When he reached the nearest house, more than a mile away, he collapsed on the doorstep. ‘No, no, no!’ he was crying. ‘No, not me! I haven’t got it!’ It was some time before anyone could make out what he was babbling about. At last they got the idea that enemies were in America, some strange invasion from the Old Soviet. And then they lost no more time.


The Republicans were blowing the Horn-call of Washington, that had not been sounded for a hundred years, not since the White Robes came after the Long War, when the very President had been assassinated.


Far-away answering television shows and websites were heard. The alarm was spreading. The black figures fled from the house. One of them let fall a Gadsen Flag on the step, as he ran. In the lane the noise of hoofs broke out, and gathering to a gallop, went hammering away into the darkness. All about D.C. there was the sound of horns blowing, and voices crying and feet running. But the Nancgûl rode like a gale to the Watergate. Let the “Tea-baggers” blow! Soros would deal with them later. Meanwhile they had another errand: they knew now that the Treasury was empty and the Money had gone. They rode down the guards at the Pentagon and vanished from the Capital.


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