Defending Pope Benedict, from A to Z

Usually, I blow off reports on Church matters by the secular media because of the media’s abysmal record of not getting it right. Recently, they’ve gone beyond general cluelessness to outright attacks and Catholics have responded.

Below is a compilation of responses from A to Z. That is, from Jimmy Akin to Fr. Zuhlsdorf.  There are likely to be overlaps and repeats, but I don’t have the time to cull through the individual pieces.

Jimmy Akin does his usual thorough response.  He uses the documents provided by the NY Times to show how the paper got it wrong.

Jimmy’s piece is called “must read” for “people who want to understand” in the Anchoress’  initial roundup. She also has a second roundup.

Several bloggers have  noteded Archbishop Dolan’s blog

In his Chrism Mass homily, Bishop DiMarzio (Brooklyn)’s makes many important points, but will probably be best remembered for the sound bite: “the Pope, our Church, and our bishops and priests will no longer be the personal punching bag of the New York Times.”

 and the response of Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Among the articles at Catholic Culture is Holding the New York Times accountable.

Speaking of holding the media acccountable, thanks to Bill Donohue at the Catholic League, MSNBC apologized for their blatant hit piece on the pope and false headline.

At EWTN, Raymond Arroyo’s blog carries corrections to one of the current stories.

NRO addresses the sourcs of the the NY Times article and also the documents provided.

Among the articles at Whispers in the Loggia is this sound bite from the pope’s homily: “(Jesus leads us) towards the courage not to be intimidated by the chatter of prevailing opinions.”

Fr. Z, as one might imagine, has several posts on the media attack. Most Catholics with any sense don’t read Fr. Richard McBrien’s writings, but since Newsweek published his views, Fr. Z did the customary dissection.  As for Fr. Z’s  other posts on this topic, later I might link specific ones, but time is getting tight, so you’ll probably have to scroll down.   The one exception is the link to The Catholic Herald, which Fr. Z describes as a summary of the controversy.

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