Some progress, some maybe


The catalyst for this post was going to be a comment on a local blog. Before this blogging experience, I had encountered the hardball tactics employed by some local bloggers of portraying those who disagree in a negative way.  It’s not a question of if the tactics are effective – they usually are. It’s a question of whether  there is a willingness to work towards genuine Christian unity in the orthodox Catholic community and so far, that hasn’t happened.

That was how I had intended to start this post.  Then I saw that the catalyst comment and most of the others – there’s still one comment accusatory towards me but lacking my comment for others to see for themselves – had been removed.  The removal of those comments is an acknowledgment they were inappropriate, which is good – as far as it goes.  However, there’s no assurance that a re-occurrence will not happen.  

First, there’s the promising post was Dr. K’s comments about the importance of supporting young priests.  It needed to be said and he said it well. I’m glad he and I agree on the need to be careful about “friendly fire.”  Recognizing and then clarifying an issue is how the Church – and community – both grow.

At this time, there is a rift between Gen and me. No matter what I say, it will be criticized.  In addition, Gen is under the impression that his or her making a statement in effect closes the topic. I hope there will be some movement towards attempting to hear what the other person is saying. That’s not diversity, that’s basic Christian action.  So I will speak my mind, offer my responses to a recent post, and raise the protective armor while trusting that God will work it out so that may be genuinely mutual exchanges.
Do not post a comment unless it thoughtfully adds to the perpetual discussion we are having. (Good.  I hope that is applied even-handedly across the board, to all those who comment.  That should end the name calling.)

when you push, I’ll push back (Excellent! Gen will understand that I feel the same way and will reciprocate: When you push, I’ll push back.)

if your tone is rude, angry, bitter, hateful, or argumentative, do not expect to see it up for long. (Again, this is a welcome change and would have prevented the over-the-top name-calling and sliming I endured.)

 How would you like it if your guests started arguing with you when you invited them into your home? (I hope CF’s friends keep that in mind when they leave comments on others’ blogs also.)

These few commenters hide themselves behind anonymity (Gen is obviously referring to other commenters as I’ve always used my name.  I haven’t read the blog closely enough to notice the others.) 

cowards who are unable actually to discuss things civilly (Again, I’m very glad this has been mentioned since both the discussion – as in no one yet has rebutted the points I’ve made – and civility – I’ll leave out the examples unless memories need to be refreshed – have been missing in responses to my comments.)  

Really folks, enough is enough. (Exactly my sentiments – that was the title of my 11/29/2009 entry.) 

Lofty thoughts are expressed in that post. Let’s hope that everyone can keep to them.

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2 Responses to Some progress, some maybe

  1. Gen says:

    Can’t we just let it die? You provoked us. We made answer. Now half your blog is devoted to some personal vendetta I could care less about. Goodness gracious! There wouldn’t be any problem if you stopped beating the war drum every week, either here or on Cleansing Fire.

  2. I would love to be able to put this in the past but it’s not gong to happen when your only response is to blame me and not see how you folks contributed to the situation.

    Even your comment shows how you distort the facts to attempt to portray me in a negative light. I went back to the beginning of this escalation in November – to refresh your memory, that was not a case of “provoking” you, but of one of the CF friends leaving a comment on my blog, who because she didn’t have her facts straight, accused me of “bickering” when I wasn’t even aware of the discussion to which she referred.

    Back to your attempt to portray me negatively. Of all my posts since then, 10% – ten percent – of my posts have referred to the escalation. That’s not “half your blog” nor is it a “weekly drumbeat.”

    Even your calling it a “personal vendetta” is an attempt to paint me as the bad guy. You said yourself that when pushed, you’ll push back. Why are you surprised that I push back when you push me?

    It’s difficult to believe that someone as bright as you can be so obtuse.

    Put yourself in my place. Would you just sit back when people called you names, everything from the recent “kook” to the earlier slew including “vampire”? Again, to refresh your memory you allowed the most blatant insult to remain for ten days before Dr. K removed it for being inappropriate.

    Would you just sit back when people impugn your personal faith, saying you’re not a “real” Catholic and that you “lack spirituality?” Or called you a false prophet? Wouldn’t you consider those comments to be provoking? Would you just sit there and take it? No, you wouldn’t. You would push back. That’s all I’m doing.

    You’ve succeeded in driving me away from your blog, so it’s unlikely that there will be any further exchanges. However, I will continue to defend myself if anything similar to the above comments continue.

    That means, however, that any claim of yours of a “united brethren” will ring hollow. Your blog and friends are yet another of the disparate groups of orthodox Catholics in this diocese. Hopefully, there will one day be more unity among the orthodox Catholics here.

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