Our Lady of Combermere

When this month’s issue of Restoration arrived, I did a double take at the front page headline: Under the Mantle of Our Lady of Combermere.  The similarity reminded me of why I chose this blog’s title. 

Like many Catholic media, this month’s issue of Restoration is dedicated to Mary.  There is a particular focus on Our Lady of Combermere and all she has been to the Madonna House community because June 8 will mark the 50th anniversary of the blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Combermere.

The statue itself has quite a story, which is recounted in this month’s issue. I hope that story will be included in the online articles posted from each issue.  In the meantime, the lead article, “Under the Mantle of Our Lady of Combermere” is posted.  In it, Fr. David May describes the Madonna House community’s desire to live out what I think of as one of their charisms:  “ordinary life lived in extraordinary union with the Son of God in every day existence.”

It is particularly apt on this Mother’s Day when so much of mothering is the everyday: make sure kids are dressed and fed, have done their homework, or chauffered to various activities.  It is a day when both families blessed with times of joy and/or touched by heartbreak can look to Mary our mother.


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