Communication meltdown

Communication meltdown is a phrase that could cover a lot of situations, but for this post, pertains to the machines chez moi.  Two months ago it was my phone and my answering machine (while the hospital was trying to reach me that my mom had been re-admitted); last week it was my computer.

Distressing news abounds – in my family, in this diocese, in the larger scale, however you choose to define larger scale.  During times of distressing news, I find the book of Job – the Scripture selection for the Office of Readings for the past two weeks – a comfort to read.  Who, in the throes of greatly distressing news, can not identify with Job’s railings and his wail that he wished he’d never been born?  Who hasn’t had their equivalent of the three friends, so full of the “right answers” yet who do “not speak rightly of the Lord”? 

It is a wonderful book about the difference between crying out one’s pain and the tendency to make God wrong in order to make oneself right. Of perspective of being God’s created. Of praying for those whose “helpful advice” was not speaking rightly of the Lord.

The book of Job is indeed a comfort during times of distress.


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