Selective Catching Up – Continued

Lots of news, nearly all of which I’ll leave to others. Over at FirstThings, one news item of concern is Kenneth Howell Fired for being Catholic? or at least stating what the Catholic Church teaches – and as a Catholic that he believes in Catholic teaching.  What course was it?  (drumroll)  Introduction to Catholicism! 

Then again, I’ve run into quite an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic streak.  But I’m not surprised. When Catholics and other Christians can’t even get along with each other, it’s not surprising.

7/16 continued:  The Catholic response this week has lessened where I was originally headed, which was towards a discussion of sobornost. Loosely translated, sobornost means unity, but it encompasses much more.  So later, but not in the immediate future.

The blog comments and what I caught on Kresta’s show this week do highlight the importance of insisting on reason in discussions.  Then again, trying to frame Dr. Howell teaching Catholic doctrine in an Introduction to Catholicism class has no basis in rationality.


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