25th Anniversary

December 14, 2010

Madonna House is usually a hidden apostolate, but today on the 25th anniversary of Catherine Doherty’s death, it is good for it to be a little less hidden.

 When Catherine Doherty was ill before her death, people wondered if Madonna House would continue or if it had arisen simply on the strength of her personality. Her response was that if it was of God, the apostolate would continue. It has not only continued, but grown.  There have been applicants and Final Promises every year that I can remember. Some years the number is larger than others, but during the recent drought, that’s notable.

The reason can be attributed to it being a life of total commitment, rigorously living the “Gospel Without Compromise;” the apostolate’s faithfulness to the Magesterium; and the continuous vigilance and fidelity of staff members since Catherine’s death. 

The current issue of Restoration has several articles remembering Catherine Doherty. Remembering Catherine Doherty  is a good summary of her life.  Later I might list the other articles, but for now will simply link at this index.

Some random thoughts:

For a community of men, women, and priests, there’s been absolutely no confusion of the roles of the laity and the clergy. 

Recently on Catholic radio, I’ve heard comments along the lines that Vatican II wasn’t implemented until Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.  Madonna House implemented and incorporated and even was a forerunner before Vatican II, such as being one of the earliest to become a secular institute in the 1950s.

Catherine Doherty was also aware of the importance of silence.  Poustinia has been a classic for a while. 

Prayers and good thoughts to all those in and/or touched by the Madonna House apostolate.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, a day early

December 11, 2010

Because Dec. 12 falls on a Sunday this year, many are celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe today. The following is a hodge-podge of random thoughts.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is patroness of the unborn and patronness of the Americas.   Human Life International’s explanation of why they chose her as their patronness nicely sums up why so many in the pro-life movement consider her as patronness.

The title patronness of the Americas prompted two thoughts. One was that the Americas are connected in a way that no other two continents are.  The other is that the US is doubly safeguarded by Mary with the feast of the Immaculate Conception the patronal feast day of the US and under her protection as patronness of the Americas.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception, offbeat

December 7, 2010

Tomorrow much commentary will focus that it’s Mary’s, not Jesus’, conception.  With that covered, this post was more intended on Mary’s role.  Without time to write something original or even do a round-up of links, this will be a stretch for some and definitely offbeat.

Recently, I’ve been listening to an audiotape of The Lord of the Rings.  *Spoiler Alert*  If you haven’t read it (or have lived under a rock and haven’t seen the movie), skip the rest of this post.

In the battle at Pelennor fields (very likely mispelled), the head Nazgul screams at Eowyn, “Thou fool.  No living man can kill me.”  Eowyn responds with “But I am no living man” and puts an end to him.  (poorly paraphrased, I didn’t bring my notes with me) Anyway, the connection is that might and power won’t defeat Satan.  To do that, one needs obedience to God’s will, so perfectly done by Mary. That brings the post to Genesis 3:15 and gives it some semblance of coherence.