Feast of the Immaculate Conception, offbeat

Tomorrow much commentary will focus that it’s Mary’s, not Jesus’, conception.  With that covered, this post was more intended on Mary’s role.  Without time to write something original or even do a round-up of links, this will be a stretch for some and definitely offbeat.

Recently, I’ve been listening to an audiotape of The Lord of the Rings.  *Spoiler Alert*  If you haven’t read it (or have lived under a rock and haven’t seen the movie), skip the rest of this post.

In the battle at Pelennor fields (very likely mispelled), the head Nazgul screams at Eowyn, “Thou fool.  No living man can kill me.”  Eowyn responds with “But I am no living man” and puts an end to him.  (poorly paraphrased, I didn’t bring my notes with me) Anyway, the connection is that might and power won’t defeat Satan.  To do that, one needs obedience to God’s will, so perfectly done by Mary. That brings the post to Genesis 3:15 and gives it some semblance of coherence.

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