Not Inevitable, Not Surprising

Prior to last night’s vote on “gay marriage” – why are these votes always late night, pre-holiday, any time other than regular business hours? – a local newspaper ran a poll worded “Whether you support it or not, do you think gay marriage is “inevitable” in New York State?” I voted as “not inevitable” but neither was I surprised when I heard it was enacted into law. Given the determination of those pushing the homosexual agenda, it was a disappointment but not a surprise.

I couldn’t find the “religious exemptions” when I initially searched. I found it at (The “link” icon doesn’t seem to be working.) That’s from a NYT piece written on Friday, before the vote.

If I read this right, the exemptions are for for religious organizations. Maybe that’s to protect Catholic Charities adoption agencies from having to close down, but it offers no protection to individuals who, in good conscience, can not recognize “gay marriage.”

The second thought is that “the other side” is more unified and to be honest, more determined. “This side” is very much fragmented. To be picked up in a later post.


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