August 12, 2011

In an effort to clean out what was leftover from before my mother’s illness and death, this blog was one of them.  When I started this blog, it was partly to explore various blog formats but mostly as a structure for me to write on a regular basis.  This blog served its purpose with both and I enjoyed a good part of it. What I did not enjoy was getting sucked into the black hole of DoR dynamics.   

The bookends time frame was November 2009 to April 2010. Yes, that’s old and yes, I’ve moved on.  The dynamics, however, haven’t changed and since they were problematic and counterproeductive, they’re worth addressing.

The first bookend was the comment left accusing me of habitual negative behavior (“I find the bickering you two have engaged in…”)   When I did the legwork – the commentator should have done before jumping down my throat – I discovered the reference was to a blog I wasn’t aware of.  Then there was the childish attempts to look like it was different people commenting when all the comments came from the same computer.  The important thing about this – in light of the later accusing me of being a troublemaker – is that I was minding my own business when someone opened fire on me.

The suggestion that the pseudonymous poster was “Irondequoit Catholic” was problematic because the comments said nothing about Irondequoit, but did consistenly belittle this blog while praising the Cleansing Fire blog.  To the extent that blog has documented local liturgical abuses and acted as a sounding board, that blog has worked for good. Their vitriol to me has not. 

Another discovery was Fr. Scalia’s article titled The Militant or the Church Belligerent? that I posted here.  One of his points is when people put priniciples over people. I thought of it as putting one’s agenda over people. 

When my mother’s final nine months of illness began, I experienced both sides of the DoR divide putting their agenda over any shred of compassion.  In March 2010, when I very much looked forward to the consolation of Mass,  the “progressives” brought in a non-Catholic group to take over the Mass parts, totally oblivious to the needs of any Catholic who wanted a Lenten Mass.  In April 2010, two of the orthodox who trumpet their higher moral ground sent the most blistering, scathing emails I’ve received.  At a time while I was dealing with a difficult family situation, all they did was aggressively and scathingly push their own agenda.

So much for locals and local-related actually living Christianity.

For prayers of some locally and the personal kindnesses shown to me after my mother’s death, I am deeply appreciative. 

So there’s a range between genuine kindness and inexcusable vitriol with varying degrees in between.  One of the largest problems I see is the inability to address, much less resolve, differences in the orthodox community. I’m not addressing dissident factions in the diocese in this post, but Catholics who express faithfulness to the Magesterium. 

More could be said, but not in this post. I’ve decided to only engage in in person discussions about the DoR. That means no comments will be allowed and emails will be deleted.  If you want to talk to me about the above, please do so in person.