Time is running out.

September 27, 2011

The deadline for comments about the mandating health insurance plans to cover contraceptives and the gross violation of conscience through the very narrow definition of the so-called “conscience clause” – the deadline is this Friday, September 30.

It astounds me that I haven’t heard anyone in  this area mention this. Granted, I’m probably out of the communication/social/whatever loop locally, but this underscores what I’ve said all along – the disunity among orthodox Catholics allows for the nonsense, this evil nonsense,  to thrive.

To add your comment, here is the USCCB web page that directs you to the NCHLA (National Committee for a Human Life Amendement) with a message already composed.  There’s also information about the Support Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.


Priest banned from saying Mass

September 27, 2011

A sign of the times is this report of a Canadian priest banned from saying Mass for saying that people should not support what goes against Catholic doctrine.

An instance to remember Romans 8:28

September 16, 2011

Like the proverbial saying, I had to pick my jaw up from the floor when I first heard the news of Fr. Pavone’s “suspension,” subsequently clarified to his being recalled to his diocese, still in good standing. Ed Peters has some observations on publicly known information on the situation. 

As surprising as the news of Fr. Pavone’s recall to his diocese was, God will bring good out of it.   Yet another  instance to remember Romans 8:28.

Ten Years Later

September 10, 2011

Among all the remembrances this week about 9/11, the most on-target came from Fr. Rutler, a guest on EWTN’s World Over program.  He said it was “an attack of evil on Judeo-Christian civilization.”

Whenever another nation had a victory of any sort over God’s people, it was because God’s people had lapsed in faithfulness to God’s word.  Tomorrow, Archbishop Dolan will celebrate Mass at 4pm (to be carried by EWTN).  The current issue of the local “alternative newspaper,” which can always be relied on to express liberal talking points, is still playing the “Blame America” card.

The battle lines are drawn. After a vigilant pause tomrrow, it will be time once more to be in the fray.