The Day of Beauty

The day of beauty was a drizzly, chilly, gray day outdoors. Inside the chapel on the campus of St. John Fisher College,  the 8th annual Chesterton conference titled Transforming the Culture was a day of beauty indeed.  Hats off to Lou and Jeannne Horvath and all who put together Saturday’s conference. It was well attended, drawing people from Rochester, Buffalo, and north of Toronto.

In Lou Horvath’s introduction, he said today’s mass media with their focus on physical appearance would have missed greats such as Taft, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln.

Tom Martin, who teaches philosophy at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, quoted Chesteron’s observation that America is the only nation in the worl founded on a creed (the Declaration of Independence).

Joseph Pearce, who teaches literature at Ave Marie University and has written several biographies, spoke about love, reason, and beauty and how each brings us closer to God.

Kevin O’Brien, whose Theater of the Word bring the message of salvation through dramatizations, did a wonderful rendering of Belloc defending Chesterton and then a section of Chesterton’s writing on heresies.

Dale Ahlquist, co-founder of the American Chesterton Society, didn’t mention the title of his talk – Apocalypse Later – but did enjoy saying apocalytic conflagration.  He quoted Chesterton: “the end of the world is more real than the world it ends” and spoke of the importance of an awareness of the need of repentence before that end.

The above hardly does justice to such excellent, informative, and entertaining speakers.  St. Irenaeus Ministries recorded the presentations and will make it available.




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