Good Gnus, Bad Gnus

May 21, 2012






In a previous job, I was so famous for “good news, bad news” that I was given a notepad labeled “Good Gnus, Bad Gnus” with appropriate design.  Today seems a good day for the topic.

Good GnusForty-three ganizations file lawsuits against HHS mandate

Bad Gnus -the state of this diocese.  Yes, the aftermath of dissidence.  It’s not just that, though – there’s also words and actions on the part of orthodox that’s not helping.   A situation to keep in prayer.

Good Gnus – Chen Guangcheng arrives in U.S.

Reasons to hope, reasons to be vigilant……


Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

April 10, 2012

Some Easters are joyous. 

Others are a reminder that Jesus has indeed risen and defeated death, but the battle is still on. This Easter is one of them.  Both the state of this country and the state of this diocese show there’s much work to do. 

To borrow the secular phrase that “all politics is local,” you could say that all faith is local.  There are some local bright spots, but there’s still much “room for improvement.”

Amending yesterday’s post to: there’s still too much self…..self-appointed, self-proclaimed, self-complacent….too much self-will. 

 What to do but lift the situation up in prayer and let God take care of the situation.

So the Easter Alleluia rings out, and despite all that’s happening, will in the end triumph.

Battling the Unthinkable

February 11, 2012

Lots of ink already on the HHS mandate.  Yesterday I was listening to a commentary on the (yay) backlash against the unthinkable.  Not surprisingly, his facts were no where near the truth.  So…my first response to people who have opinons on this will be simply to see if they have their facts straight.

And also contacting representatives.

March for Life

January 21, 2012

Washington State coverage can be found here.

Washington, DC coverage can be found here.

Either will likely be far more accurate than the MSM.

Twas the Thursday before Christmas…

December 22, 2011

…and since this might be my last opportunity to get near a computer, this is to wish a blessed Christmas season to one and all.


December 12, 2011

So much can be said about Our Lady of Guadalupe – patroness of the Americas, patroness of pro-life people and activities, and the wonderful story itself.  But today, what  comes up above those comes  from today’s Gospel – Mary ‘s fiat – let it be done to me according to your word.

The Obligatory Translation Post

November 23, 2011

This post was almost titled Liturgical Angst Ennui.  It seemed like the hype around the new Missal (and concommitant “well, I suppose we have to”) seem an extension of the liturgy wars/battles.  Besides, I’ve been through this (major liturgical change) before. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. 

The new translation does not seem that new to me. Then again, I’m part of the much-maligned generation that saw the changes, pre-Vatican II, post-Vatican II, and everywhere in between. Most – not all, but most – of the people who are the most hyped about the new translation are those who have entered the Church after the changes: converts and cradle Catholics too young to remember those changes.

Yes, it’s good to give a thorough catechesis, preparation for what will be new for many. Yes, for all my familiarity with the more literal translation, I’ll probably slip and stumble in the weeks to come.  But having been through various changes, licit and illicit, and different rites, I’ve noticed that the form of Mass, the language used, the translation dynamic – none of these are a magic wand that inherently makes good Catholics.  I’ve seem the range from those knowledgeable and practicing their faith, to those who don’t know or understand their faith in all the above variations.

When people live the Gospel – that’s what matters.