Prayers of the Faithful

October 31, 2009

During the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass, we pray intercessory prayers for general situations: the Pope’s intentions and for the local bishop, for the protection of life from conception to natural death, for those in difficult times such as seeking employement or dealing with illness.

On an everyday basis, we ask for intercessory prayer for specific intentions: please pray for my dad just learned that he’s being laid off, my niece Sally went into premature labor, my neighbor’s five year old has cancer. (all hypothetical for this post)

There are two situations I intend to pray for until resolution and invite others to join in that prayer.

The first is Fr. Michael Sinnott.  Since my Oct. 11 post, I’ve looked for updates but have found only that he had been sighted soon after his abduction by Islamic whatever you want to call people who go around kidnapping people.  Being kidnapped would be an ordeal for anyone, but Fr. Sinnott is 79 with a serious heart condition.  Today there is a report that he was alive holding an October 22 newspaper while relaying his kidnappers’ demand for a ransom. 

The second is Rifqa Bary, a 17 year old convert to Christianity from Islam, who ran to Florida from her home in Ohio, saying her father had threatened to kill her.  She came to the attention of the Florida authorities. The FL judge said he wouldn’t return Rifqa to Ohio until he saw the family’s immigration papers and threatened contempt of court if her parents didn’t provide them. The parents apparently had nothing to present and kept stalling. The father’s attorney offered a “deal” and that the parents would leave Rifqa alone when returned to Ohio in exchange with the contempt charge being dropped.  When Rifqu was back in Ohio, the parents fired their attorney and reneged on their part of the “deal.”

At this point, Rifqa’s contact (phone, Internet) with the outside world is limited and monitored. She doesn’t even attend school, completing “virtual” coursework while confined to the house.  That in itself is wrong on so many levels.

November 16 is the date of Rifqa’s dependency hearing and also a rally for her.

August 10, 2010 is apparently Rifqa’s 18th birthday when all this will be a moot point.  That is, assuming she gets past the threatened honor killing and/or return to Sri Lanka.

My immediate prayer concern is for her as she is cooped up in a house with no outside contact for nearly three weeks (she was returned a few days ago), that the Lord provide whatever her needs are.


Bagels 1, Tastykakes 1

October 30, 2009

This is as close as I’ll get to keeping track of this year’s Series.  I never did figure out how to hook up the converter box so I’ve been without television since June – and haven’t missed it. Until now, that is.  There’s something to hearing a game live, so I’ll have to figure out which radio station carries the Yankee games.

Bagels after first game

October 29, 2009

Zenit’s story  Bagels and Tastykakes Are on the Line describes the “friendly wager” between Archbishop Dolan and Cardinal Rigali. Regardless of the outcome of the Series, both cities have winners in their bishops. (h/t to Cleansing Fire)

Spiritual Stockpot

October 27, 2009

While thinking about some posts that will be very belated by the time I write them, it occurred to me necessary to make a disclaimer.  My experience at Madonna House and the writings of Catherine de Hueck Doherty have greatly influenced me and I’m likely to refer to those writings to make a point.  My views are my own, however, and don’t necessarily reflect the Madonna House apostolate.  Various experiences and writings have contributed to my spiritual growth and like the vegetables and herbs tossed into a stockpot, have simmered into a voice, faithful to Church teaching yet not exactly the same as the various ingredients that went into producing it.

Secular Translation

October 25, 2009


secular translation

At first, I was concerned about perpetuating an inaccurate stereotype, but then realized this doesn’t do so.  I couldn’t resist the humor.

From lolcats.

Archbishop Burke Named to the Congregation of Bishops

October 18, 2009

From Saint Louis Catholic is a piece on Archbishop Burke’s appointment to the Congregation of Bishops, which recommends bishop appointments to the pope.  Very good news for the Church as a whole and Rochester in particular.

Threats, Intimidation, Assault

October 16, 2009

Excerpted from a press release from the Right to Life of Central California:

“…the pattern of threats and intimidation targeted at pro-life volunteers, that escalated into an assault Thursday afternoon … a pro-choice woman shouted obscenities at 40 Days volunteers, before attempting to break the event security camera and assaulting Victor Fierro … Local media ignored the story of yesterday’s assault …”

The video is here.